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We all wish for our children to have a happy and smooth start to school to lay strong and positive foundations for all subsequent learning.  Bounce Parental Consultancy is here to help you and your child get the best start to school life.

Bounce Parental Consultancy offers one-to-one expertise, support and advice in:

  • Addressing ANY concerns, queries or worries about your child’s transition to school; giving you peace of mind and reassurance during this crucial time
  • Bespoke personalised plans in how to prepare your child for school (practically and emotionally)
  • What to expect during the transition to school (from both a child and a school perspective)
  • Understanding The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and its implementation
  • How to support your child during his/her first year in school
  • Behaviour strategies, support and personalised plans.

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  • "Sarah is my 'go to' regarding my children. As such she is Godmother to my youngest. I trust her judgement and value her support in raising my two beautiful girls including her...

    Amy in Devon

  •  Bounce Parental have been such a great help to us over the last 9 months or so.  Sarah's support has been fantastic - so calm and reassuring.  She really took the time to...

    Michelle in Hampshire

  • "I admire her modesty of her undoubted many varied talents. She gives firm disciple with kindness and patience. Sarah is hardworking and conscientious in her academic life and...

    Jane in Devon

  • "It is amazing to watch Sarah juggle work commitments, a university course and her two young children in such a gentle controlled manner, and with such understanding."

    Jayne in Edinburgh

  • "Sarah is hugely experienced in the ways of children, their parents and different schools.  I believe every school and colleague in her teaching career has valued, promoted and...

    Victoria in Devon

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