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I cannot stress more the critical role that talk plays throughout every element of a child’s learning journey.  If a child can speak and communicate effectively, has an ever-increasing repertoire of vocabulary to draw upon and has fun with playing with and listening to words and rhymes he will have begun his access to the world.

 Parents of young children often worry that their child has not begun to read or write yet.  The pre-cursor for proficient reading and writing is firstly being a capable and confident speaker who has a range of words and experiences at his disposal and who has had mountains of experience and practise at listening to and hearing sounds in words  Just look at children in Sweden... Despite starting school much later their children are proficient speakers who in their Early Years have developed a range of vocabulary and experiences to draw upon.  Subsequently by the age of seven they are ready to read and write and they master these skills very quickly, with ease and without anxiety. 

So, we may not live in Sweden but we, as parents, still have the tools (and time!) to help our children to become good speakers.  Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, however long you have with your child there is always time for talk!  Model good speech by making eye contact, speaking in full sentences, pronouncing words correctly and using exciting or new words.  Talk is one of my top tips for preparing your child for school.  By helping your child develop this skill you are opening every door to their future learning, as talk weaves through everything.  So, moral of the story...Whatever you are doing, talk about it!

If you would like more ideas, support or a personal plan to further develop your child’s talk and language skills I would love to help, so please contact me.

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