One term to go until your child starts Primary School?

This time two years ago, with only a term to go before my son started school, I had so many thoughts, worries and questions running through my head. Despite being a Reception teacher, I had my ‘Mummy hat’ on... Would he make friends? Would he survive the day without falling asleep? Would he listen and follow instructions? Would he feel confident to be himself and get the best out of himself? Would he feel secure to leave me on his first day? How would I feel about dropping him at school for the first time? What if he didn’t eat his lunch? What if he didn't make the toilet? And the list went on and on. I knew, when thinking rationally with my ‘Reception teacher hat’ securely on, that he would be absolutely fine and that the worries were more about me than him.  I wondered how I would cope and how I could help prepare him in the best possible way for the huge milestone event of starting Primary School.

I feel very privileged to be an Early Years teacher and having had many many years experience of other people’s children starting school I knew what was expected and how different children, with varying needs, personalities and developmental stages, are able to settle and adapt to life in school. I have no idea how I would have felt if I had not had that experience because the amount of trust parents need to muster up and give to their child’s first teacher is immense. If you have a child starting school in September and are beginning to feel an element of anxiety or anticipation then believe that you will be in the majority, this is normal and you are most certainly not alone in how you are feeling and the questions that are preoccupying your thoughts.

I have seen and experienced the transition to Primary School from both sides, as a teacher and as a mother. Over the years I have supported hundreds of children (and their parents) prepare for the start of school. So, if you are now in the same place I was in, and are anticipating time running out before the ‘big day’, then please do get in touch and email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give me a call on 07871531118 to book an inital phone consultation. I would love to have a chat, advise, inform, reassure and provide you with some practical tools, curriculum-based ideas and strategies (specifically moulded and individualised around your child and your famly) to prepare your child (and you!) for starting school.  Subsequently, when September comes around you and your little one will be able to positively embrace and thrive in this new phase of your lives.

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