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With September already looming, many of you will be anticipating your children beginning their journey into formal education, starting Primary School. From both a mummy and a teacher’s perspective I can imagine there must be so many questions already whizzing through your head...Where do I start? How can I help prepare my child for school? How am I going to cope when I leave him at the school door? Is my child ready? He has different needs to all the other children –how will he handle school or how will school handle him? Does he know all he is supposed to know before starting school? My advice to you is...DON’T PANIC! You are in the majority if you have questions or concerns! Talk to people about your worries and questions and allow your child to become excited about his new adventure!

Having been teaching in Reception for many, many years I have come to learn what skills are most important for a child when he starts school. I guarantee most, if not 100%, of Reception teachers would agree with me when I say having a child start school with secure personal, social, emotional, communicative, physical and investigative skills is far more valuable to him as a learner than a child that comes in being able to read words, write their name, count to 100 but showing little interaction, independence or communication. Having these skills in place first will allow children to fly in subsequent learning. Did you know that research shows the stronger the personal, social and emotional skills of a Reception child the more likely he is to achieve higher levels of attainment later in school?

Therefore, if you want to focus in preparing your child for school over the summer months, concentrate on my 6 top tips!

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