Top strategies to support your child with his/her WRITING DEVELOPMENT

There is so much I could write here, but I’ll attempt to keep it short and sweet! There are many essential elements to learning to write. It is important to realise that children will naturally develop and progress at varying paces at this young age so try to avoid comparisons!

Mark-making and ascribing meaning to marks

I have often heard parents saying their children ‘just scribble’ when they write. However, this is the mark-making stage and is critical to writing development, so it should be encouraged! During Reception if children are at this stage it is helpful to call their marks ‘writing’ and ask them what their writing is about.   This will boost their confidence and motivate them to write more often and for varying purposes.

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Top strategies to support your child with his/her MATHEMATICAL SKILLS.

Maths in the Early Years should never be formal. Developing mathematical language and enjoying numbers, shapes and measuring in a practical context are far more beneficial in terms of cementing seemingly abstract concepts through application to real life scenarios.   Here are just a few ideas of how to support your child’s mathematical development at home, but please contact me for more individual and extensive ideas:

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What can you do to help your child in his first year at school?

Phew! So, your child’s first day at school has come and gone. One milestone event completed! You are both beginning to get into a pattern and a routine during the school week. It is early days but your child appears to be settling into school life well. Fantastic news! You should feel assured.

The next big question you will no doubt be contemplating now is ’How can I support my child throughout his first year in school?’

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The six week break over the summer seems like an eternity for any young child.  It is crucial that children have the opportunity to recharge their batteries during this time, having lots of downtime and long sleeps.  However, it is also a very long stretch of time away from pre-school or school and parents should be conscious of this to ensure learnt skills are not lost over the summer months.  No, I don’t mean making your child sit down and do formal reading, writing and numbers every day! Far from it...Instead maximise learning opportunities to fit in with wherever you are or whatever you may be doing.  The trick with 3-5 year olds is if it’s done right they will just believe you are playing a fun game or doing an exciting activity or sharing some special time together!

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I cannot stress more the critical role that talk plays throughout every element of a child’s learning journey.  If a child can speak and communicate effectively, has an ever-increasing repertoire of vocabulary to draw upon and has fun with playing with and listening to words and rhymes he will have begun his access to the world.

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