“How many times should I have to ask you?” – Is this a common phrase in your house? Do you wonder whether your children can hear properly? Or perhaps your children have selective hearing, opting not to listen and respond to your voice! Or maybe you are struggling with behaviour at home generally?

In addition to improving life at home, being able to follow instructions is one of the key skills that will help children when they start school. Classrooms are exceptionally busy and thriving environments; always so much going on and lots of background noise! Being able to tune in to listen to instructions is a skill that needs to be developed. As parents, you can help your child at home, whilst having some fun along the way! Here are a few examples of how to get your children listening carefully and following instructions:

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I cannot stress more the critical role that talk plays throughout every element of a child’s learning journey.  If a child can speak and communicate effectively, has an ever-increasing repertoire of vocabulary to draw upon and has fun with playing with and listening to words and rhymes he will have begun his access to the world.

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