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We hope these resouces provide you with some useful and interesting information, contacts, ideas and reading to help you and your family.  In addition, you will find more general information in our blogs too.

However, if you would like more bespoke and personalised support that is tailored to you and your child's specific needs please see our services page.

Bedtime Reading

Our bedtime reading section provides links to topics and current issues of debate relating to starting school, alternative approaches to learning in the Early Years, some psychological academic reading linked to child development,  information on the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and ideas and articles aimed at helping improve behaviour.


Bounce Ideas

Our ideas section suggests our recommended book lists to assisting the transition to school and ideas and support linked to the Early Years curriculum.  We will be offering (soon) downloadable (FREE and PAY NOW) documents with ideas to support your child through the transition to school and how to help your child at home with their learning and personal, social and emotional development.



So many parents share the same worries and have similar questions relating to behavioural issues and the preparation for and transition to school.  Here are our suggestions to some commonly asked questions.  If you have further questions you think others could benefit from too please contact us and we will happily add them, together with our general responses, to the website.


Useful Links

Here are some links you may find helpful with some useful contacts and information relating to Early Years and educational organisations, groups and resources. 



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