Useful Links...

A quick reference to some insightful links to websites we think you may find useful...

Activity Village

A lovely resource containing various free downloadable activities and ideas for young children.

Department for Education

This is the UK government’s official website responsible for the education in infant, primary and secondary schools

Family Lives

A website that offers some support for parents and families.

Foundation Years

Here are links to the current Early Years Foundation Curriculum and also other Early Years information and further helpful links (Eg. Parents’ guide to the EYFS framework).


Here is the link to apply online for schools in your area:

Mums Net

This is a useful website for general parenting tips and advice.

It also provides some general tips for parents with children about to start Primary School.


This website has general tips and advice for common parenting problems, as well as information about parenting classes.

Primary Classroom Resources

This website contains downloadable resources for both teachers and parents to use with their children.

Sparkle Box

Many teachers use this website for amazing Early Years printable educational resources.

The Schools’ Web Directory

Wherever you are in the country this is a quick reference to lead you to the website of your Local Education Authority and the schools within it.

Toddler’s Days Out

Wondering where to take your little one?  This is a very helpful and real website for parents to use to help them decide where to have a fun day out.


Tutor Hunt

Looking for a private educational tutor for your child? Tutor Hunt is a useful website for parents and students of any age and level (from Primary age and upwards) to help you find a tutor in your area.

Helpful links for parents are this is just a taster.  If you have any other links to websites and organisations you think other parents would find useful then please let us know and we will happily add them to our website.

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