Why Bounce?

Because we keep how hard parenting is, to ourselves ...

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide personalised advice, strategies, support and reassurance for parents of young children; empowering them to help and guide their children happily through the Early Years. 

Our Vision

Our vision is a society that recognises parenting as the most difficult and responsible job in the world.  Parenting begins from day one and is relentless.  All parents need support at some point or another.  Bounce Parental Consultancy aims to provide bespoke support for those parents seeking guidance during their children’s Early Years.  By helping one family at a time to plant strong and happy roots in the Early Years we will be working together towards bright and blossoming futures.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Parents are THE most important role model a child can have
  • All children are born onto a blank canvas, with endless potential and opportunities ahead
  • From the day children are born they are continually absorbing information, making observations and learning
  • Although children may not hold onto specific memories of their very Early Years, the subconscious ‘hard wiring’ of experiences during this time is critical to children’s future development
  • A bottom-up approach is crucial.  Laying solid foundations during the Early Years (Eg. Positive experiences, secure attachments, firm but fair boundaries, strong and trusting bonds and relationships, personal, social, emotional and communicative skills, a happy and smooth transition to school) will promote a very bright outlook for all future learning and life
  • The first year in school sets the precedence for school life and all future learning.  Making it a happy and thriving year is imperative
  • There is no harder, more responsible or relentless job than parenting.  The sheer 24-7 nature of it makes it extremely challenging and stressful at times...Parents can only do their best. Talking problems through, building a network and seeking advice and support, will undoubtedly provide practical and/or emotional peace of mind, guidance and confidence to tackle and work through issues head on.


sarah mckinlay photoHello!  First and foremost I am a parent myself of two young children, Oliver and Emilia.  To me, they are simply the most wonderful beings on this planet; never ceasing to amaze me, amuse me and inspire me.  Despite the absolute adoration, joy and fulfilment I feel when I am with my two children, I recognise, first hand, that this parenting lark is hard work!  There is no let up.  It is challenging, stressful and emotional, to say the very least.  I am extremely lucky to have a strong network with my husband and close friends and family by my side. 

I became a parent for the first time four years ago, but have been teaching and working within Primary Education since 2000.  I have taught for the last fourteen years in a variety of Primary Schools, from New Zealand to England, from inner-city to village, from multicultural to Church schools, developing a particular love, expertise and specialist knowledge of children in the Early Years and the curriculum and its implementation.  As a Reception teacher for many years I have a secure understanding of the ways in which young children can thrive during their first year in school; laying positive foundations for the continuation of their school journey. 

Whilst teaching and having children I also made the decision to study part-time for a second degree in Psychology, a subject that intrigued me and continues to fascinate me.  Part of my degree entailed learning in greater depth about child development, focusing primarily on the Early Years.  What I particularly love about Psychology is that it is applicable to all aspects of human life and interaction.  I have just begun volunteering as a mentor for young carers, providing time out from an often challenging home life and providing a neutral listening ear.  I have found my additional knowledge an invaluable tool throughout all areas of my life: my professional teaching career, my volunteer work and my personal parenting life at home. 

As an Early Years practitioner I am often approached by parents seeking practical advice to help behaviour at home or parents that express concerns about their child’s transition to school and how best to support their learning and their emotional development.  So, I recognise that although parents like to appear stress-free, many are bubbling questions and anxieties up inside and are calling out for some support.  We are all in the same boat; we want the very best for our children but at times we all need a little bit of help.  Having insider knowledge and experience from both parenting and professional Early Years’ teaching perspectives gave me the inspiration to set up Bounce Parental Consultancy.  I feel I can empathise with parents as well as provide friendly, professional advice and support when requested.

My approach is personal, so rather than a ‘one size fits all’ philosophy I believe in listening to parents’ individual concerns and needs; subsequently moulding my advice, support or plans around you and your child.  We all need to chat, vent, share, have a helping hand from time to time, so please do contact me if you would think I can help so we can come up with a plan of how to help you and your family, and ultimately alleviate your concerns.  I hope you find this website useful and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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